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Open Ended Funds

VIPB Asset Management Company limited manages closed end mutual funds with a view to maximize investor return. With the successful track record of closed end mutual fund management the company has decided to manage open ended mutual funds as well. Most recently the company has got approval for its proposed VIPB Accelerated Income Unit Fund which is to start its operation in 2016. The company is determined to continue its successful performance in open ended fund management as well.

VIPB Accelerated Income Unit Fund

VIPB Accelerated Income Unit Fund

Fund Facts 

Nature     :                                Open Ended Mutual Fund
Inception:                                 July, 2016
Sponsor   :                               VIPB Asset Management Company Limited
Trustee    :                                Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB)
Custodian:                               Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB)
Auditor    :                                 Ahmad & Akhtar Chartered Accountants
Dividend:                                  Minimum 70% realized income of the Fund will be distributed as dividend.
Distribution:                             The dividend will be distributed within 45 days from the date of declaration.